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How to prevent the roofing nails blowing off?

Nailing technique is the most important for the successful installing roofs. If the technique is right, the roof will be firm. On the contrary, it may cause a lot of troubles, including the nails blew off. Every nail should be in his proper place. Drive it to the place is a technical work. If the roofer fail to drive it to his place, the whole roof may face the serious damage. But what questions we may meet?

UNDERDRIVEN – If a nail is hammered not enough, it will poke through the top of the shingle in the layer above it, causing a leak.

OVERDRIVEN – If a nail is driven too deeply into the roof, this will create a hole and leak.

CROOKED – Drive a nail in at an angle to the shingle, and that nail will eventually protrude through the shingle above it, causing a hole, which means another leak.

A properly driven and three improperly driven of the roofing nails
Properly and improperly driven roofing nails in shingles

These leaks all may make the nails be blew off in the strong wind, and damage the roof in further. But how to prevent them?

  • Use the proper quantity of the roofing nails. Too few nails installed per shingle result in shingles blowing off roofs.
  • Use the right nails. Each nail should penetrate at least one inch into the wood decking to prevent it.
  • Choose the skilled roofers, they know how to nailing them and select nails heads sufficiently sized to secure shingles.

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