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What are the Screw Shank Roofing Nails?

Screw/Spiral shank roofing nails have a screw shank and a diamond point. They are used to securely fasten wood roofs. They are popular because of their strong holding power. They are commonly used for building rafters, attaching wood or vinyl siding, or securing hardwood flooring to the sub floor.


  • Material: Galvanized, aluminum, cooper, stainless steel, etc.
  • Shank: Screw/spiral shank.
  • Head: Flat or umbrella.
  • Point: Diamond point.
  • Surface Treatment: Electric galvanized or hot-dipped galvanized.
Seven umbrella head screw shank roofing nails in the white background
Screw/ Spiral shank roofing nails with umbrella head
Six flat head screw shank roofing nails on the desk
Screw/ Spiral shank roofing nails with flat head
Screw/ Spiral Roofing Nails Specification
Specification Length (mm) Rod diameter (mm) Head diameter (mm)
8G × 2'' 50.8 4.19 20
8G × 2-1/2'' 63.5 4.19 20
8G × 3'' 76.2 4.19 20
9G × 1-1/2'' 38 3.73 20
9G × 2'' 50.8 3.73 20
9G × 2-1/2'' 63.5 3.73 20
9G × 3'' 76.2 3.73 20
10G × 1-3/4'' 44.5 3.40 20
10G × 2'' 50.8 3.40 20
10G × 2-1/2'' 63.5 3.40 20


  • Have greatest holding power.
  • Sharper than other shank types.
  • Resist withdrawal.

Screw shank roofing nails have the greatest holding power in the three shank types. So, they can be used in the hard wood and dense materials. Besides, they also can be used in the wood or pallet roof, flooring, siding, decking and so on.


  • 25KGS/ carton in bulk.
  • 1KG/ plastic bags, 25 bags/ carton.
  • 1KG/ box, 8 box or 16 boxes/ carton.
  • As customers’ requirements.
Several boxes of screw shank roofing nails in a carton
Screw/ Spiral shank roofing nails in box package
A plastic bags of screw shank roofing nails
Screw/ Spiral shank roofing nails in plastic bag

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