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Aluminum Roofing Nails for Securing Roof


Aluminum roofing nails are made from high-tensile aluminum alloy for bend resistance, They have the function of decoration. They are most commonly used for metal securing, so it also called metal roof nails.


  • Resist-corrosion.
  • Bend resistance.
  • Proper hanging and spreading stress.
  • Easy diving. Neoprene washer can provide an effective waterproof seal.


Aluminum roofing nails have the superior anti-corrosion, so they can be used in the metal roof or shingles. They have flat head and bright color, they can be used for decoration. However, aluminum roofing nails are not recommended for harsh environments where they are exposed to the chemical and salt.


  • Shank types: Normally is smooth shank, ring shank and screw shank are available.
  • Point: Diamond point.
  • Head: Flat and checkered head.
  • Finish: Aluminum plain.
Aluminum Roofing Nails Specification
Specification Length (mm) Shank diameter (mm) Head diameter (mm)
9G × 1-1/4" 31.2 3.73 20
9G × 1-1/2" 38.1 3.73 20
9G × 2" 50.8 3.73 20
11G × 1" 25.4 3.02 18
11G × 1-1/4" 31.2 3.02 18
11G × 1-1/2" 38.1 3.02 18
A aluminum flat head roofing nail
Aluminum roofing nail with flat head
Eight aluminum umbrella head roofing nails
Aluminum roofing nails with umbrella head


Usually in box, carton, case, gunny bag, plastic bags and pallet, etc.

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