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Professional Supplier of the Roofing Nail

China Fengxiang Hardware Limited has been manufacturing and supplying the roofing nails for more than 20 years. We have the rich experience about the product and the usage. We can provide the professional advice and technical support.

three kinds of roofing nailsOur main product is roofing nails, they have various material of that. Such as the galvanized roofing nails, copper roofing nails, aluminum roofing nails, stainless steel roofing nails. And they also have the different in the shank, such as the smooth shank roofing nails, screw shank roofing nails and ring shank roofing nails.

The different materials can fit complex environments, in particular the tropical zone and, costal and high pollution areas. They can used in different materials of the roofs. Such as the wood roof, metal roof and other shingles, flashing, and so on.

We are the real factory in China, so we can control the cost in many ways, so we can supply the goods in most favorable price.

As for the Quality, we have the strict control to the quality, we can assure all the goods you receive is the best. We have several production lines, and also have large quantity of the roofing nails in stock, so that we can shorten the delivery time, and let the customers receive the goods as soon as possible.

Quality is your requirement, also our principle, and we believe it will be the bridge between you and us.

If you want to know more about our products, you can feel free to contact with us via nails@roofingnails.net . We are willing to cooperate with you from all over the world.

We can supply the roofing nails with various materials, different shank types and full size. You can find exactly what you need in your roofs.